Beauty and the Butterfly

beautiy and the butterfly

beauty and the butterfly 

Working in Photoshop with layers and textures has always been fascinating to me. Starting with a simple portrait and layering graphics, textures and words creates a one of a kind portrait; an art piece for people. I am looking for people in the Calgary area who are interesting in collaborating on this very personal project.

Learning from people like Kate Klassen who has textures and tutorials, and who creates lovely vignettes of everyday life


Figure, form and textures

figure, form and texture

figure, form and texture 

I have had this project,  figure, form and texture on hold a very long time, working on it in bits and pieces, between claims and photography assignments! yesterday I stopped everything for a couple of hours and worked on this, part of a personal project.  I will show you more over the next few weeks. The figure and form project has been percolating away on the back burner for quite sometime, probably a year now. With only the occasional opportunity to move forward.  I think sometimes projects need that kind of time, and sometimes I wish they would move faster!

I need two things to make this project work, people, or more specifically ladies, if you are in the Calgary area and what to collaborate on the project send me an email. Secondly, I would like some feedback!


water fall at minter garden, chilliwack bc

my flower offering today, a yellow orchid

I remember a time when a orchids were rare in the stores and used  for special occasion corsage. Your boyfriend would buy one for your graduation, or  special members of the wedding party. Now they are everywhere! I bought a simple stem of yellow orchids at the grocery store for a few dollars. Varies types of potted orchids are available at the home handyman stores in varies sizes and prices.   According to the flower is a symbol of love, beauty, strength and luxury.

Using a sheer white background with a flash behind it, and a flash in front set 2 stops lower I was able to back light the flower and give it that dreamy feeling. Enjoy!

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Window


At the Sun Yat Sen Chinese Gardens in Vancouver,  you will find garden walls and pavilions with beautiful screened windows.  Inside the pavilion you will find, artifacts, paintings and  displays that beautifully provide a glimpse into another culture. Here a mountain, inside beside a window looking out, as the room was dark it was difficult to show both the mountain and the exterior garden.  I have both the colour and the black and white photo side by side because I can’t decide which one I like best.

The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chines Garden has been selected as one of Canada’s greatest places and is the first garden in the Ming Dynasty created outside of China, You can read the full article on line by clicking the link below.

Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn NY

Another image of Jane’s Carousel, it was a rainy day in New York City, when we took the subway to Brooklyn and wandered the streets,  our goal a little coffee shop that was recommended by a fellow blogger, called the Brooklyn Roasting Company and seeing Jane’s Carousel.

There is something magical about a carousel. Aside from the beauty and craftmanship of these historic gems, there is the craftsmanship that goes into restoring them. Maybe we remember the feeling of being a small child and riding the carousel and seeing our parents and or grandparents standing on the side waiting for us to come around and wave. Maybe it is as a parent or grandparent standing on the side and seeing the joy of the children as the see us and wave.  There is magic and joy all around the carousel, and this one is no exception.  The setting on the East River in view of the Brooklyn Bridge even on a rainy gray day is worth the walk, after all the coffee shop is just around the corner!

One photo; two ideas, two images.

  Dream butterfly and lunch butterfly 

I took the 2nd image shown here at the Butterfly Conservatory in Key West Florida.  

I converted the images above to a black and white image and then worked in one of Kim Klassen’s textures.  

I am not sure which one I like best.

 I have enjoyed visiting the Kim Klassen Cafe, I have learned a lot, and I have been inspired.  

If you are interested in learning more I would recommend checking out the site, there are lots of tutorials, samples and information 

Upside Down and Backwards! Reflections and Life

I have this glass ball hanging in the garden on what looks like a spring, when the wind turns the spring it looks like the glass ball is moving up and down, it is an illusion! The glass ball also mirrors the world, but the image in it is upside down and backwards.  It is, at least for me, quite fascinating to study the view and I was reminded again how things aren’t always as they seem, our personal perspective shapes what we see, and is shaped by how we look at things, and I should try to look at things from more that one perspective occasionally.

I hope your view is a good one!

Hummingbird, busy looking for lunch

Here is the little hummingbird one more time.  To learn more about hummingbirds and some of the best places to see them head over to the “Talk about Wildlife” pages.  according to them hummingbirds are in the Calgary area between Mother’s day and Fathers day, gone for a while and returning after the Calgary Stampede until Labour Day.  I guess they like a quieter Calgary!!!!   If you haven’t yet put a feeder out,  you can put one out next week, one might pop by for a visit.   If you are considering putting out a feeder there it would be a good idea to check out the website for helpful hints, and considerations.  I hope you have as much fun as I have had watching them. Let me know if you spot any in your area.

Early Morning, Highway # 1, Alberta


Yes I do get up early enough to see the sunrise, at least occasionally.  On this morning I was rewarded with the most amazing sky. Red sky in the morning,sailors warning!  I think this is an orange sky, and I’m not a sailor, so I am going to go blindly forward believing that this is going to be a great day, having seen such a beautiful sky! 

I hope you have a great day!