Blackbird flying over the canola fields


redwing blackbird flying over the canola field near calgary alberta
  blackbird flying over the canola field

Earlier this week I was thinking, I wanted to get out of the city for a drive, I knew the canola fields were blooming, and there fields would be filled with beautiful shades of yellow and green. As luck would have it I had to drive to a property just south and east of Calgary for work on Tuesday.

I have to admit that I don’t always carry by camera gear in the car, but decided that it was a good idea on Tuesday, and I am glad I did. I stopped on the side of the road near a patch of cattail, natural habitat for red-winged blackbirds.

They won’t let you get too close, this bird ¬†chatted at me for quite sometime while I photographed the fields and the cattails. I guess I was a little closer that he liked, and when I didn’t move off, he started to do the flyby.