Father and Daughter

father and daughter
father and daughter 

A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.  ~Author Unknown

More family portraits from this fall, doesn’t she have the cutest little face, the little princess actually smiled quite a bit during our portrait session in Fish Creek Park.


Sugar and Spice and all things nice!

Carolynne's Granddaughers
Carolynne’s granddaughters

“Sugar and Spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of…..”

 This one was fun, but only take two attempts, little Addilyn tipped over the first time! On the plus side it won’t be long before she rolls over all by herself.  The big girls Skylar and Alexa were perfect, they remembered to watch me, not the baby, so I could get the shot.

Sophie and her Aunt Mel

Sophie and her Aunt Mel
Sophie and her Aunt Mel

When you are a little girl, one of the best things is cuddling up on your Aunt’s knee and she wraps her arms around you! It is special!  I met Sophie for the first time between Christmas and New Years, while visiting her Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house! She is one happy little girls, and her Aunt Mel one of the special people in her life. It was great to meet Sophie, to visit with the entire family, to get a few pictures and share a few memories.


twins at the zoo

twins at the calgary zoo
twins at the zoo

a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to the Calgary zoo with a young family, it was a little cloudy, and it might have even tried to rain on us, but nothing could dampen the spirits of the girls as they wandered around dinasour park.

the photoblog theme challenge this week is “two”  defined as two cars, two birds, two houses, or any photo composed with two similar subjects…..  these two are winners in my books!  I had a great day, and I have been working on their photos, should have the last of them ready by the weekend.

Flag Carriers and their Red Flags at the Calgary Stampede 2012

flag bearers_Calgary Stampede_2012

I did manage to get to the stampede parade this year, but I have been busy and unable to get to processing the images, until last night.

These beautiful flags glowed in the sunlight. The hot sun last friday morning made photographing the parade a challenge; glaring highlights, burnt out whites and dark shadows, and people almost melting in the street! Those who were watching the parade were down on route, in their spots, and waiting by about 7:30 in the morning. The parade started about 9 am,  and it took about 1 hour for the participants to walk the entire route. The last participate joining the parade about 11 am.

The parade was wonderful, more pictures to follow. www.jmeyersforeman.photoshelter.com/

Calgary Farmer’s Market

It seems I like most people I know are busy, busy, busy! Too many things to do and not enough time to get them all done. This weekend I took time off, Saturday I went to Aiden’s firth birthday,  and on Sunday Bill and I went down to the Calgary Farmer’s Market for breakfast and to pick up a few fresh groceries.  While there we spotted  two young girls playing their violin, The Calgary Farmer’s Market provides an opportunity for these two young girls to play, to practise playing in front of crowds and while doing so they raise money for Doctor’s without borders.  Calgary is filled with great people who extend themselves for others, and I am lucky to meet so many of them.

High School Seniors, it is a big week in Calgary for parties!

High School Seniors are celebrating their graduation. There are getting all dressed up and enjoying a night out with friends and family. I was lucky enough to meet a few of them at the park!  While we did take a few “pretty pictures” I just had to pull out the fake noses, and the girls were happy to play along!