Happy Anniversary to Karen and Jon,

Karen and Jon’s wedding day

I wanted to take time out of the Camino blogging to wish Karen and Jon a happy anniversary, may you remember the joy and magic of your wedding day.

Jeff and JoAnna’s wedding day battle!

water fight on wedding day

Jeff and JoAnna’s wedding day battle

The title might have been a little misleading, but even a water fight is a little unexpected on the typical wedding day! They had fun, and my camera gear stayed dry, two very important points.  This had to have been the most fun I have had at a wedding in a very long time.

My wish for Jeff and JoAnna, may all their battles/fights be this much fun.

Joanna and Jeff, Thank-you

Joanna is a wonderful photographer, and designer, here she has taken two of our favourite photos and created a beautiful thank-you card. As a photographer her work features landscapes, wildlife, rodeo and ranching subject. check out her work at Joanna Lynn Photography 

JoAnna and Jeff, a quiet time after the wedding

JoAnna and Jeff, enjoying a quiet moment after the wedding…..

Jeff and JoAnna enjoy a quiet moment after the wedding ceremony.  Earlier in the day it looked like it might rain, but the afternoon was beautiful and warm, a little breezy, but no mosquitos! It was a beautiful day for a wedding. The bridge is too high to actually dangle your feet in the water, but it is a nice place to sit. The kids were close by watching and waiting, you can see the shadows on the left.


JoAnna and Jeff, up the creek after the wedding!

JoAnna and Jeff, up the creek after the wedding, aug 3, 2012

Sorry I couldn’t resist the title…..

I was lucky to meet JoAnna through a mutual friend and fellow photographer.  JoAnna and Jeff were married on Aug 3, 2012 and they asked if I would photograph the wedding. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet their families, and to spend the day with them. I am hoping to get all the photos done this week.  I have to say this is one of my favourite photos.

Beautiful Danielle and Simon, congratulations and best wishes to both

Danielle and Simon, married at St. Paul’s Anglican Church June 9, 2012

I was happy to assist Hiro Kobayashi and photograph the wedding of Danielle Grey and Simon Blakey. While the weather was a little grey, the day was a happy one for everyone who attended the wedding. I don’t think anyone looked happier that Simon!

Destination Wedding Workshop

Dubrovnik Crotia, a lovely place for wedding photography.

I have been home for a couple of weeks now, and while I have been able to do some preliminary work on the holiday and workshop images, I am just now finding time to put the finishing touches on most of them.   The wedding workshop with David Beckstead and Gordon Jovic was jam packed with information, discussion and dialogue, beautiful models and best of all time for photography and for learning.

I did bring home David Beckstead’s workshop in a box, I have taken a sneak peak at some of the information and I know that it will be a great supplement and re-enforcement to all that I have learned.

Karen and Jon, sitting pretty at Fish Creek Park

Sunday, Oct 9 2011,

It has been a busy day  getting dinner ready for the family that could join us for turkey dinner!  I did have a bit of time to myself early this morning it fit in a short yoga routine.   While I would like to be able to post a photo of the amazing dinner, I have to admit that my dinner never looks as good as the one in the cookbook.  In fact I didn’t even get a picture of everyone around the table this year, as per usual.  I keeping with my post a day challenge, you will have to look a the beautiful people I worked with in Dubrovnik during the wedding workshop.

I did add some texture to the wall behind the couple, other than the large face above the couple the wall was pretty boring. The texture was provided by Kim Klassen Cafe, it is a great site with lots of information and textures to explore.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian family and friends, I hope your day was as good as mine.