Beauty in nature, created by Mother Nature, photographed and appreciated by yours truly, nothing is ordinary

my calla lilies are blooming, and I wanted to experiment with a painted texture overlay,

The simplest things can be beautiful with the right light.

The simplest things can be beautiful with the right light. I experimented and painted the backdrop this week. It seems there is always something new and interesting to explore even during this strange time of self-isolation and physical distancing. What great things have you been reading, learning, or exploring?


The things I put in my pocket while I am out for a walk!

I picked these up last summer while visiting family in Ontario. The magic of #macro #photography with a dark background

Morning Commute; Instagram photos plus…..

Full disclosure; I live approximately 12 kilometres from the office. My morning commute includes a 20 minute drive and a 30 minute walk. When I started working at my current position we set up this up as part of our schedule. I say we because Bill walks to work with me, then carries on about his day. He returns at the end of the day for another commute home. We do this for several reasons, we love to walking, it keeps us out of the gym, and it gives me that creative time first thing in the morning, before the day’s work has begun.

The fresh morning air, watching the light change as the sun rises, at this time in my life, there isn’t a better start the day. I have even enjoyed the extreme cold we have had this winter, and have only missed a few days of walking.

I hope you are enjoying my morning commute series. My goal has been to post one photo a day, on instagram. This week I thought I would share a couple of extra photos that didn’t make it to instagram.

Do you post your photos on instagram, are you working on a series? Leave a message and your instagram link in the comments below so we can check out what you are working on.

Last week on Instagram

computers on thier way home at the end of the day
close up of Calgary downtown office buildings

I returned to work; a busy week at the office means less time for photography I am afraid! The days are getting longer, there is a little more light visible in the sky during my walk into work and on the way home.  This week the light through the windows was the most fascinating.

My goal this week is daily posts on Instagram, and a different route to and from the office to see what new views I can find.


My Week in Photos and on Instagram

We had a relaxing week with my family in Puerto Vallarta, and during our visit to Puerto Vallarta we celebrated my parents 60th wedding anniversary, I feel incredibly blessed to spend this time with them.

When we were not celebrating their milestone we wandered the streets, and checked out some of local restaurants. Between meals and margarita’s spent some time on the beach watching the waves roll in.

I hope your week was a good one.

weekly instagram post

this week on instagram, my morning walk to work project. I will admit to being a  little preoccupied with work, there has been a lot going on at my full time job, so my brain, and therefore my eyes have not been seeing as much of the beautiful morning as I would have liked.

I have found that if my thoughts are tied up at work, I am not seeing what is around me as fully as I could be seeing. Being lost in my thoughts, thinking about work as I walk might be like sleepwalking. Walking the same route to work everyday plays a part in the sleepwalking, we see the same things twice a day, 5 days a week, at about the same time everyday, the routine can dull the senses.

Are you sleepwalking through your day, caught up in your routine, missing the beautiful of your surroundings, of the moment you are in?  I started this Walk to Work Instagram Project to help me become more conscious and enjoy the walk, hopefully take my mind off work! I hope you enjoy seeing the images from my walk to work.

The next three weeks we are off to Australia, and my morning walk to work project will begin again in May.

Favorite Instagram Images this week

My favorites from my Instagram feed this week.

The weather was nice, the walking was easy, and for some reason, I haven’t quite figured out I didn’t take too many photos!

The image on the top right of the mosaic was a studio image, another “flat-lay” as I experimented with the light, shooting straight down, and having a shadowless image!

I participate in the “photo-a-day” challenge on Instagram, one-word inspiration, from left, clockwise; path, hobbies, and out-of-place. Each day there is a new word, although I will admit that I don’t find, see or produce a photo for each day, I do find it inspiring and challenging.

I would like to hear from you, do you carry a camera with you every day, if you do, how do you stay inspired?