Week 7 2020 Photography

vintage camera
pink and red feather tulips with small white and pink cake, cup of tea, red hearts and pink sprinkles on the table for a valentines display
52Frames Intentional Color Palette

Well hello, where has the time gone, I have been meaning to write for a while, but the time flies by!

The weekly challenge for 52frames has been keeping my busy, challenging my imagination and my skills. Week 6; Intentional Colour Palette; I struggled with this, and our walks through the neighborhood and along the river did not provide any inspiration. Valentines Day we were at the farmer’s market picking up some supplies for a dinner party, here I picked up tulips and some little cakes.

We like to buy several little cakes of different flavors to sever our guests, cutting them up into 4 or 5 pieces, bitesize, and we can try several flavors that the pastry shop has to offer. One of the cakes, a white cake with raspberry filling, and white and pink icing. The color was a great compliment to the tulips and an image started to come together. I treated myself to the tea and cake after the photos had been taken. I saved the other 5 cakes for our guests to enjoy.

Week 7 of the 52frames challenge was “Pairs” so many pairs came to mind….. the first thing I think of every morning is my cup of coffee. I don’t often have a biscuit with my first cup of coffee, but they are a perfect pair, don’t you agree?

coffee and biscuit in the foreground, coffee cup out of focus in the background
coffee and biscuit

I have a few old cameras, if you have been following the blog for a while you might have seen a few of them, pairing them with a set of old Ansel Adams books seemed perfect. I did shot several options of this image and I liked it better when there were several more old cameras in the frame. Still not satisfied I searched for another idea.

a pair of old camera with my old Ansel Adams books a black and white image in the background out of focus.
A pair of old cameras and old photography books, pair together to make a still-life

The idea of a salt and pepper came to mind, it is so common most of us don’t even think about it anymore, it is just there, so I wanted to challenge myself and create an image that would elevate the ordinary to the extra-ordinary. What do you think, have I made peppercorns and salt flakes something you could look at for a while?

close up image of flakes of sea salt and peppercorns.
close-up image of flakes of sea salt and peppercorns

I choose a blue variegated background, something mid-range in the color and tone that the salt and pepper would stand out against. I used natural light, I have a beautiful east-facing window, so the light is pretty constant through the day, and I can see what it is doing. Natural light is usually my first choice. I used an f11 for an aperture, but that means a slow shutter speed and a tripod. The bottom of the frame is out of focus, particularly on the left, macro image have a very limited depth of field.

I have run out of time and must submit one image for this week’s challenge, and it will be the salt and pepper image. I have decided to learn about focus stacking, taking more that one image of the scene, with different focal points, and then merging them in photoshop. Once I get this right I will be better able to produce image that are sharp from front to back, top to bottom, corner to corner.

I will let you know, when I am successful, or at least happy with the outcome! If you wish to learn more about the 52frames challenge let me know I will send you a link. The cake was from Yum Yum Bakery, and the tulips were from Flowers at the Market

I would love to hear from you, let me know which image you like.