Karen and Jon Wedding Kisses

There was a whole lot of kissing going on that day! most of it done by the bride and groom as we celebrated their marriage and commitment to each other.

I am getting through their photos pretty quick, but I have to admit that I fell asleep after work and didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, still feeling a little jetlagged!

I am hoping the holiday hangover doesn’t last too long!

Karen and Jon married September 16th,

After a week that threatened rain for their wedding Karen and Jon ended up with a beautiful sunny day for their wedding, now that I am home from holidays I am working on their photos. It was a joy to be a part of their day, and I am having fun all over again, so many great photos, so many great moments.  I am sure that for Karen, Jon and their families so many great memories. Here they stand looking over the Sirroco Golf Course, and the Foothills of Alberta, not long before they go to meet their guests at the reception.

Entered in the Landscapes with people, community photo challenge, check out the website for more great photography

Jon and Karen

Karen and Jon had some many pictures that turned out great.  I owe them a big thank you for their patience, almost done.

Karen and Jon, engaged and soon to be married


It was really nice to spend time with Karen and Jon, get to know them a little better. They are excited about the wedding. Karen and I were talking about how much there is to do when planning a wedding.  Thing to think about, people to talk to and co-ordinate, so many people and things to consider. Then I gave her one more………….

I asked her to think about how much time we would have between the wedding ceremony and the reception, and what order we should do the formal group/family and portrait shots, and of course the stickiest question, who is in what group, how many groups, and (my favorite) who in the family or wedding party can she give a list to, that will help me keep track of the groups and get them organized.  Just something else to think about and talk to her family about.

I will meet Karen and Jon at the rehearsal, this is where I hope to meet everyone, and we are hoping to check out the locations for portraits before the reception.

Karen and Jon, at Prince’s Island Park, Calgary Alberta

Karen and Jon take a break at Prince’s Island Park, and enjoy the view of downtown Calgary.  I have been experimenting with different Photoshop actions and different combinations of actions.  I like the partially desaturated image.

Karen & Jon Prince’s Island Park

Karen & Jon, Prince’s Island Park May 15, 2011

The week has been so busy, it seems that time goes by so fast I can hardly keep up somedays. The list of things to do gets longer with each task I tick off as done! But on Sunday I was able to spend some time at Prince’s Island Park, downtown Calgary with Karen and Jon.  It was great to spend some time with them again, explore the park and find some great places for the photos.

I will be posting more photos as the days go by, and tell you a little bit more about Karen and Jon and about some of the great spots located on the island known as Princes Island Park.  Here Jon and Karen found a quiet place among the trees, it would make a great picnic spot in the summer.

Karen and Jon at Fish Creek Park

Yes Karen and Jon I am finally finished editing all your photos! you can see more of those images – but not all of them on my flicker site.  We need to find time to meet so we can go over all the photos together.

Karen and Jon in Fish Creek Park

Karen and Jon

I am back working on Karen and Jon’s pictures, and there are so many great photos that I think I may never be done……

Honest Karen I will be done shortly.