At the Fence


I spent a quiet weekend at the computer exploring the cache of old photos on the hard drive, and working with textures. There is a lot to learn when overlaying images with textures, and using multiple images together.

I still haven’t decided if this image is a complete success, but I am happy with the outcome for now, as a stage in learning. I am sure that as I work my way through the various lessons and ideas I will develop new skills.

I am curious, as the pony at the fence, to see where this might take my photography.

For those who are interested in using textured layers for developing images I would recommend Kim Klassen, who has a number of wonderful textures and on-line classes on using those textures.



Christmas Ornaments, hanging on the tree

Christmas ornaments on the tree; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014
Christmas ornaments on the tree; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014 

At the Christmas Market in Bamberg you could buy and hang a christmas ornament on the tree, or you could pay and hang an ornament you brought from home, all the money went to charity, and there wasn’t a branch that wasn’t loaded with ornaments. The tree was sitting in the middle of the main square surrounded by market stalls, and each day more ornaments were added, there they sat, night and day, the tree growing more beautiful every day.

Each day as we walked by I would grab a couple of photos of the different ornaments, one day this little teddy bear caught my eye, he is lovely surrounded by all the bright christmas balls, and lights. I processed the image ussed Kim Klassen’s kk-everyday texture. I have talked about using her textures before. When I look at this image it makes me think of old Christmas Cards. I remember when we use to get Christmas Cards full of writing from our cousins. It was great fun to go to the post office and pick up the mail this time of year.

Kim is offering a still life class, Be Still – 52 class that begins in January, I have been a follower and fan of Kim’s for quite a while, and I have decided to take this course, “it is a year-long community centered course containing once weekly lessons/inspiration/prompts centered around still life photography”. For me 2014 has been a very busy year, travelling to many different cities, we have taken trains, planes, boats, ferries, cars, and buses, and I think it is time to find a little stillness in our lives. After the new year we are going to slow down some, move around a little less often. Kim’s internet based class and community looked like the perfect way to enjoy a little stillness, and learn a little about creating still life images.

Let me know if you like the Christmas Card image, do you send real or electronic Christmas Cards to your family and friends?

Rio eBacino Orseolo, Venice Italy

Rio eBacio Orseolo, Venice Italy.  I have presented this image before, but wasn’t really happy with the results. This time I employed the square format, which provide a limited view, and I think a little tension; maybe the viewer wondering about the bridge and where it leads to?

I also used a texture layer on the images, Kim Klassen’s Cafe has some great textures, offers some great information on how to use them, and even runs internet classes for those that are interested.

you can see the origional Rio eBacio and let me know what you think.