Venice at night, bridge to Rialto

Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.” –Anna Akhmatova

I took a quick look at some of my images taken on my trip to Venice, it is a place I could return to again and again.  If  you get away from the busy tourist area and St. Mark’s Square there are many quiet streets, and squares, wonderful coffee and pastry shop, and for the photographer great light.

this weeks photo challenge on  is day’s end,  I like the warm light in the restaurants at the end of the bridge, and can’t image a better place for a glass a wine at the end of the day.  I would recommend you drop by the photo friday site and check out some of the other great photos. Other great photo challenge sites PhotoSunday this weekend’s word “evening” and Lensday challelnge for Peaceful!

More photography of Venice;  this photo and others by the photographer are available at jmeyersforeman photography


calgary – winter storm warning!

A winter storm warning has been issued for our area, read further and you will see that the meteorologist are suggesting that we might get between 2 – 4 cm of snow.  I am not sure if 2 – 4 cm of snow is so much snow that we need a “storm warning”  after all it is winter in Calgary, and part of our lifestyle, sweeping snow off the car.

It will be a great day for pictures if I can find time from work to get out there!

san francisco in motion, abstract landscape photography

yesterday was a big day of the always exciting bookeeping chore that needs to be done, let me tell you this isn’t my favorite way to spend an evening after work!   I have been experimenting with abstract landscapes, here is san fransisco, as sunset.  It had been a cool and cloudy day in November and there wasn’t much of a sunset, the lights were starting to come on in the buildings and we had been wandering around for a few hours seeing th sites. I knew this was the best light I was going to get over the city, we were getting cold, and hungry, so I took a few frames and carried on.

It is a little difficult to see, but you can make out the sign for Ghirardelli Square, after dinner we went there and had the greatest ice cream sundaes ever, it is the best place to blow your diet, and splurge on something amazing!!!!!!

The Renaissance workshop with Jovic & Beckstead, Dubrovnik


I had such a great day at the workshop and could hardly get to sleep last night!  We spent the morning going over images from everyone, David and Gordon providing very positive and helpful information and critiquc, then we were out shooting for about 5 hrs.  As David said learning to play with light, challenging our knowledge, our gear as well as our comfort zone.  I can hardly wait to see what we do today!

Panama Canal, early morning

Panama Canal at sunrise, this was our view as the cruise ship  headed towards the locks. It was early in the morning, but I am sure everyone on the cruise ship was up and on the decks watching our approach.

I have been transferring a lot of my images to a new external hard drive, it has been a great trip down memory lane!