Bok Choy

bok choy_25A3652
bok choy; on the windowsill

I trying something new; aside from giving me an opportunity to practise my macro and close-up photography and hopefully, I hope to be eating some fresh vegetables that I have grown.

I have always loved the idea of gardening, I love spring, when we start to see the plants wake after a long winter, and I love the idea of growing my own vegetables. I idea of growing some of these vegetables from those end bits that we normally throw away is even more fun.

So far I have tried bok choy, soon we will be adding these to our salads. I have tried celery, it is growing beautifully, the leafy ends have started to sprout and getting longer, although I anticipate it will be a while before I am harvesting any long stocks or enough for more than a snack.

I am not too interested in potatoes or sweet potatoes, they take up a lot of room on my from patio, but I am interested if you have any other suggestions for vegetables I can try growing? I will keep you posted on my little garden.


Spring in Calgary

Spring in Calgary, more snow in the forecast; jmeyersforeman 2015
Spring in Calgary, more snow in the forecast; jmeyersforeman 2015  

Spring in Calgary! the only thing predictable about the weather here is that it is unpredictable! We do know that there is a good chance there will be more snow between now and the May long weekend…..

thinking about gardening;

succulents and macro photography; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015
succulents and macro photography; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015 

With all the travelling we did last year I didn’t do any gardening, no regrets, we have to make choices and can’t do it all!

I will admit that I missed digging in the dirt. Spring is in the air and like a lot of Albertans I am itching to see things grow. When out for a walk I stop check for buds on the trees. I have become obsessed with Pintrest gardening and I have been reading books and blogs thinking about what I would plant when it gets a little warmer. I repeated remind myself that it isn’t safe for an Alberta gardener to put anything new into the ground before the May long weekend, as we will get frosty evenings and maybe even snow until then!!!

To keep me going I visit the garden centre and flower stores to breath in the smell of fresh dirt and photograph beautiful new grown.

Red Poppy; beautiful and delicate

Red Poppy
Red Poppy

with spring finally here I can hardly wait for the flowers to bloom. I am working through some old files, and finding some flower images to satisfy my needs for flowers! I love the red poppy. They are delicate, the color is rich, and they seem to dance with the slightest breeze.

What is your favourite flower?

Frosty Garden Globe

frosty glass garden globe
frosty morning

we have glass globes hanging on the back deck, the view down the street is upside down, it is quite interesting to watch the season change through the glass. This weekend I noticed frost on the glass globe one of the prettiest views through the glass I have noticed in a long time.  I grabbed my macro lens to capture a few images.

I hope you are staying warm.

For more creative views and still life images: Life

foothills orchid society, june 24, 2012, Calgary Alberta

I went to the foothills orchid society show at the triwood community center on Sunday with a friend, the flowers were spectacular, the arrangements and groups gorgeous. I managed a few great shots using the canon 100 macro lens, a great lens for this type of work.  Unfortunately I don’t remember the names,  I guess I will have to spend some time on the internet searching them out, for now enjoy the photos.

Ostrich Fern, unfolding in the spring sunshine.

Walking up this morning, I smile
Twenty-four brand new hours before me
I vow to live fully every moment,
to see the beauty that is everywhere. 
We had a great visit to Vancouver, it was an opportunity to visit with family and friends.  To visit the sites, some old favourites like the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, and some new sites like the Capilano suspension bridge. This photo was taken while we visited the UBC botanical garden, the sunshine on the delicate unfolding fonds was beautiful.  One special feature of the gardens is the Canopy walkway, which is worth the price of admission.  A 308 meter aerial trail system suspended about 50 feet in the trees offers a view of the upper part of the forest and forest floor from a unique perspective.  The Catwalk suspended as it is, feels like walking on a trampoline and with more that one person on each section walking with the or against the bounce is great exercise. Great fun and worth every minute.
I hope you have a great day, and beauty unfolds before you. 

spring pussy willows, in the spring

warm setting sun,

fuzzy pussy willows,

spring is in the air.

Monday I was visiting Cochrane Ranch, near Cochrane Alberta, the willow trees were past the bud stage, but seemed to have a halo around them when seen in front of the setting sun. It is friday and I am looking forward to a long weekend.

jolly jump ups!

The jolly jump ups have not yet made themselves known in my garden this year – it won’t be long now. But it seems to have been a busy week with little time to get out and photograph the world around me, and I am anxious to get out into the garden, so I thought I would dig, (pun intended) through some of my old image files and find a spring like picture to brighten the day. It is just +1 degrees here in Calgary, but things are looking good for a sunny warm weekend.  Yes I might just get some pots planted.

I hope you have a bright and sunny Thursday.

Glass by Robert Held

I have this lovely glass vase, made by Vancouver glass artist Robert Held, using my Canon 100 mm macro lens I created some great abstract landscapes!  Glass is amazing, and what artist like Robert Held do with it is even more amazing.

I have been participating in the photoblog challenges, the creative project for this week is glass, check out the other creative projects.