Bill; a black and white portrait

Bill in Bordeaux; copyright jmeyersforeman
Bill in Bordeaux; copyright jmeyersforeman 

Taken while were standing on the platform of the Bordeaux train station waiting for our train. This is one of the many great images I used while working through the steps and stages of processing images with Lightroom 5. As many have said processing images in the Develop module of Lightroom 5 is quite similar to Camera Raw. One big difference I have found as been in output. In the Library module we have Publish service, once these are set up to your specific needs then it is a one button process to have the images sized, watermarked and exported to the location of your choice!

So much faster than my old processing steps. so far learning Lightroom has been worth the time! 


The In-Between Moments

a little love'n from Sophie
a little love’n from Sophie

It is always good to have the camera ready for those in-between moments!

To be honest Sophie was really ready to sit and have her picture taken, so we did a little playing around, and I asked her to give her dad a kiss on the cheek. The Square format eliminates the background, giving us a less distracting image.  While black and white, gives even more emphasis on the faces, and the little kiss even further.

Hopefully this is one photo that father and daughter, will cherish for a long time.

my photoheart connection for january

Camino Art, Burguete (Auritz) Spain

Camino Art, Burguete Spain

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.
Henry David Thoreau 

Walking the Camino, The Way of St. James, to Santiago de Compostella, we were  awake, and walking early in the morning, and each day saw camino art, wonderful expressions of creativity, some of it related to the camino experience some of it related to other subjects.

Located in Burguete Spain, a little town made famous as Hemingway’s trout-fishing base in the The Sun Also Rises. I wondered if the mural was a tribute to the writer.

Travis, in Black and White

I worked with Travis a couple of weeks ago, and with all that has been going on, the blog has been fairly silent, and few photos have been posted.  I am getting caught up on projects, and I am hoping to be more consisitent with blogging.

While I use different spaces in my home as a studio, in some cases downstairs where I can control the light, in other areas I will use a mixture of natural light and flash, depending on the type of portrait we want.  I say we because portrait photography is always a collaboration.  I also do portait sessions in peoples homes, workplaces and outdoors, again since this is a collaborative process there is always a consideration for the outcome people are looking for.

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Travis, portrait on the back deck

Black and white portraits, Calgary Portraits Photography: Travis
Travis, black and white portraits

Sitting on Travis’s back deck, at first glance doesn’t look like the greatest place to do a portraits image, the glass is highly reflective, there is quite a bit of clutter showing up in the window, but the photo seemed to work out pretty well.


Tired Zak…….

I had a great visit with Kim, Jon, and Zak last friday and I can’t believe the week has gone by so fast. I have been busy with so many things I have hardly had time to post to my blog.  I feel like Zak looks!  This photo was taken near the end of our visit; he needed a break and he had just eaten, I am sure just wanted a nap!

Zak had been so very patient as we moved him from place to place, cooed at him, dressed and undressed him, made faces, and shook noise makers at him!  At least it looks like he found a very comfortable place to put his head.

I hope you had had a great week, the weekend is better and you find a comfortable place to put your head at the end of the day.

Kim Jon and Zak

Kim, Jon, and Zak were over for a visit, I can not believe how much Zak has changed in just 3 months.  I am really enjoying working on the photos I took!

Hiroaki Kobayashi, Calgary based photographer

I first met Hiroaki Kobayashi at the Stampede, Western Photo Gallery the summer of 2011, since that time our paths have crossed many times!  On Tuesday we were at the Airdrie Studio 35, to participate in a model shoot out! A young model needing some practise modeling, and several photographers take turns working with her in 15 minutes bursts.  Between shoots we had a few minutes to chat, and I noticed Hiro standing in front of thet light and grabbed a shot. Of course he moved just as I pressed the shutter, so I made him stand a few more minutes while I got the image I wanted.

Thanks Hiro for your patience!  Hiro’s photography can be seen his website Wide Bright Pass Photography I am looking forward to seeing the images he took of the model. I should have some of mine ready tomorrow.

Mom and Dad,

While we were travelling together I had an opportunity to get some great pictures of my parents. We enjoyed spending the week with them cruising the Carribean, seeing the sights, and getting dressed up for dinner.  Hopefully it won’t take 5 years before we find time to make another trip together!

Sunday Brunch with Nancy and Doug

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year!  On Sunday Nancy and Doug invited friends to share Sunday Brunch.  We had a great meal of Egg’s Benedict, fresh fruit, champagne and orange juice, and a great visit.  Thanks Nancy and Doug for inviting me, it was a great morning.