Even the horse thinks I am crazy!

Even the horse thinks I am crazy; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015

Even the horse thinks I am crazy; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015  

I wander around with my camera almost all of the time, and sometimes you will find me laying on the ground, climbing into a tree, hanging over a fence railing just to get the picture. I have gotten use to the idea that people will stop and stare I am sure they are trying to figure out what the heck am I taking a picture of. But when I got down really low to take this picture of the horse and carriage and the horse looked at me like I was crazy I knew it would be a great photo. It makes me smile!

How about you any memorable photos with crazy stories, share them on your blog and send us a link.

Jellyfish, Oceanographics Valencia Spain

Jellyfish, Oceanographics, Valencia Spain; copyright jmeyersforema 2015

Jellyfish, Oceanographics, Valencia Spain; copyright jmeyersforema 2015 

I remember spending quite sometime watching the jellyfish swimming in the tank at Oceanographics in Valencia Spain. They were translucent orbs dancing around each other, fascinating to watch!

Another wonderful memory of our time in Spain.

Farm Fence and Big Sky Saskatchewan

Farm Fence, Big Sky Saskatchewan, copyright jmeyersforeman

Farm Fence, Big Sky Saskatchewan, copyright jmeyersforeman

While visiting Saskatchewan we made a trip out to the old farm. It is the place that my Grandfather received as part of his soldier’s grant after World War I, my father and most of his siblings were born there and where I with my brothers were raised. Grandpa has been gone for a long time now, mom and dad farmed there for almost 40 years before selling and moving to town. This was our first visit back in a while.

Most of the old sheds and granaries that my brothers and I play on and around are gone, as are the old cars that were parked between them. The old barn is just about ready to collapse the passage of time taking its tole.  A new, much young family has taken possession of the acreage round the house, the land sold to a rancher to raise cattle. There is a familiarity and a strangeness to walking around the yard where I grew up, but haven’t lived for years. While there has been many changes, there are still many views around the yard that felt familiar.

It was nice to visit the old farm,  to walk around the yard and recall favourite memories, and to talk to the new owner about his future plans. But most of all it was great to savour the views one more time.


Working on my Christmas decorations!

christmas sock decoration_IMG_3430

while working on the Christmas decorations, I can’t help myself, I stop and take photos of some of the decorations that the family made over the years. Such great memories get made at the craft table with the family and friends who have shown up over the years to make decorations.  Wishing everyone a happy holiday, whatever holiday you choose to celebrate this time of the year.

Treasure hunting; and the joy of old photos

Erin and Ken

Erin and Ken

Erin and Ken were married a little more than 4 years ago, and just over a month ago they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I have been lucky enough to be there to share these, and many other special moments, with them.

I have been spending a little time this week going through the inventory of old photos, something I call it treasure hunting.  Today I declare myself rich with treasures, memories and friends.

Ferry to Rhodes

Erin and Keri on the ferry to Rhodes

Erin and Keri on the ferry to Rhodes

This photo was taken quite some time ago, when the 6 of us travelled to Greece.  I am slowly getting some of my old slides scanned and uploaded into my hard drive, it is a great trip down memory lane.

We had spent a week on the island of Santorini and we travelling to Mykonos, where we spent the day, then onto Rhodes to spend some time.  Taking the ferry through the islands from Mykonos to Rhodes was an overnight journey, we had cabins, but it is not the most restful sleep. By early morning the ferry is stopping at some of the little island along the way, and we could watch the people, and vehicles, cars, trucks and transports moving on and off the ferry.  There was no time for us to get off the ferry and check out the little towns, hopefully one day we will get to go back and spend a little time exploring.

I love the feel of this black and white image, the girls deep in conversation, almost silhouettes against the view.

still life and wedding photography

wedding shoes

wedding shoes

The wedding shoe image was taken some time ago, just recently I pulled it from the archive to work with Nik Software, experiment with different processes, finishes and textures, all in an attempt to develop style and album options that will appeal to both myself and to potential clients.

I have a lot of respect for Wedding Photographers, they commit to a high energy, long demanding day, to capture moments that are both important to the bride and groom as well their family, and in some cases moments that few will actually see.  They are attuned to the emotions around them, without being caught up in them. Always on the look out for those family interactions that can be caught in an image without actually interrupting the flow of the day or the emotion of the minute. In some cases it is the photographer can be the “savior” of  the moment.

I have yet to meet a wedding photographer that didn’t have in their bag, a packet of pins, a role of duct tape, gum, kleenex, and just about anything else that is small and might be needed in the case of an emergency.  They can play with children and keep a group of 20 focused to get family pictures in the midst of the chaos and visiting that everyone would rather be doing.

But, for me, the most fascinating, the wedding photographer on top of all the people and activity, will walk around all day  also keeping track of the fine details that the bride has spent hours anguishing over; making sure that all those details are also photographed.  The detail images are  then processed and presented in an album that helps to pull the whole day together. A book of memories that will last a lifetime.

Grandpa’s Car; Old Photos bring back Memories

Grandpa's Car

Grandpa’s Car

A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime. - author unknown

Grandpa’s car was eventually parked up behind the old farm-house. It was no longer drivable, but I do remember driving it, and Grandpa home from town on the occasional Saturday night when he had been in town a little too long. It was our time to visit, and lots of time he sang to me was we drove down the dirt road to the farm. He wanted me to sing with him, and I eventually learned the chorus of some of his old wartime songs!

As the quote above states, memories can last a lifetime, and photos like this brings those memories back to mind, and bring a smile to my face.  Photos are a great tool for awakening our memories and bringing a smile to our face, and I love to go  back through old photos for those smiles.

This image was copied from an old slide, then color enhanced with photoshop and a blur layer added. I have always like the photo because of it’s memories, but it did have some  problems.  After reading about artistic blue on Kateyestudio I thought I would dig it out and give it another try.  I am happy with these results: I like the deep color of the car and grass, the blur around the trees and edges, it is as if the wind is blow by the movement in contrast to the car.

Let me know what you think.

Vanishing moments – and the Camino to Santiago

”We photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing, and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth can make them come back again. We cannot develop and print a memory.”     Henri Cartier-Bresson

travelling the Camino to Santiago, walking the many miles, brought the point of Vanishing moments back to me every so clearly…….

Camino way marker, yellow arrow

Camino way marker, yellow arrow

scallop shell marker

scallop shell street marker  

PilgrimYield Sign

Pilgrim Yield Sign

Pilgrim at the Cross

Pilgrim at the Cross

once we passed a sign, I wasn’t in a hurry to walk back again to take a picture; if I thought too long about what caught my attention I would miss the moment that spoke to me. These are just a couple of the sites and signs we saw and photographed while on the Camino to Santiago.  The were route markers everywhere that was needed, not so often they cluttered the view, but often enough we knew which road to take.  In Pamplona we saw the steel scallop shells every 100 feet, other cities were equally well-marked; we saw the yield signs when we had to cross a major road or highway where we might encounter vehicle traffic;  and we saw the long rock arrows on the Meseta, the flat plains of Spain.

Sophie and her Aunt Mel

Sophie and her Aunt Mel

Sophie and her Aunt Mel

When you are a little girl, one of the best things is cuddling up on your Aunt’s knee and she wraps her arms around you! It is special!  I met Sophie for the first time between Christmas and New Years, while visiting her Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house! She is one happy little girls, and her Aunt Mel one of the special people in her life. It was great to meet Sophie, to visit with the entire family, to get a few pictures and share a few memories.