Foggy and Misty drive through the Kootenay Mountains

Foggy misty day in the Kootneys copyright jmeyersforeman
Foggy misty day in the Kootenays copyright jmeyersforeman

the drive from Vancouver to Revelstoke BC was quiet and uneventful, the fog, mist, and rain covered the mountains on and off during the day. The color of the grasses and aspen trees now that autumn is in the air were beautiful, but could not compete with the dull grey skies. Using a slow shutter speed I moved the camera in a downward motion to bring the color of the grasses and trees further upwards in the frame and created streaks of color I haven’t decided if the image works, but it is more pleasing, at least for me than the first image.

Blackbird flying over the canola fields


redwing blackbird flying over the canola field near calgary alberta
  blackbird flying over the canola field

Earlier this week I was thinking, I wanted to get out of the city for a drive, I knew the canola fields were blooming, and there fields would be filled with beautiful shades of yellow and green. As luck would have it I had to drive to a property just south and east of Calgary for work on Tuesday.

I have to admit that I don’t always carry by camera gear in the car, but decided that it was a good idea on Tuesday, and I am glad I did. I stopped on the side of the road near a patch of cattail, natural habitat for red-winged blackbirds.

They won’t let you get too close, this bird  chatted at me for quite sometime while I photographed the fields and the cattails. I guess I was a little closer that he liked, and when I didn’t move off, he started to do the flyby.


Winning by a nose at Hastings Park, Vancouver BC

Last time we were in Vancouver we went to Hastings Park, with some family and friends, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. We had a great spot along the rail, close to the finish line. A race finish that is so close is not uncommon, to catch it on camera while panning shear luck, at least for me!  I have to say that I wasn’t that lucky picking the winning horse!

Tango Lessons, Central Park, NYC

From June until September you can learn Tango in Central Park, NYC.  Every Saturday at 6 pm a group gathers to dance, to demonstrate and to teach those who are interested.  It was amazing to watch, and if I hadn’t been busy taking pictures I might have joined in the lesson.  To watch the dancers weave their way around the cobblestone square was magic.

other examples of my tango in centeral park images