Path to Kappel, Wurzberg Germany

The Kappel, or Chapel, in the southwestern part of Würzburg.  The vernacular name for this pilgrimage church is Nikolausberg and was built between 1747 and 1750.  The church has been a place of pilgrimage for many years and is worth a visit for its views over the River Main. The steep lane, seen here is part of the city walk.  From the street of Nikolausstrasse climb the steps past the stations of the cross, 4 terraces,  256 steps to the top,  you will find a lavish church, that has been a landmark of the city for centuries.

The Path you see here is part of the city walk, before you get to the 256 steps and the stations of the cross.  It is beautiful, and peaceful, and even through i was carrying a 10 kilo backpack worth the walk.

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