Foothills Orchid Society – Cypripedioideae – pink lady’s slipper orchid

pink lady's-slipper orchid
pink lady’s-slipper orchid 

As part of my Explore Calgary Project I want to visit activities and events happening around Calgary. The Foothills Orchid Society hold an annual show at the Triwood Community Center, some time in May.  On display are beautiful and show the dedication members have to their plants. Last year I went early Sunday morning, just as the doors were opening, so it wasn’t too busy. If you are planning on taking pictures, be aware of other guest to the show, try not to take up too much space or stay in one place to long. Use either off camera or diffused flash to prevent harsh shadows.

The Triwood Community Center is holding their winter festival February 17, 2012: skating, winter games, campfire, definitely something else to add to my calendar for my explore Calgary Project.




my flower offering today, a yellow orchid

I remember a time when a orchids were rare in the stores and used  for special occasion corsage. Your boyfriend would buy one for your graduation, or  special members of the wedding party. Now they are everywhere! I bought a simple stem of yellow orchids at the grocery store for a few dollars. Varies types of potted orchids are available at the home handyman stores in varies sizes and prices.   According to the flower is a symbol of love, beauty, strength and luxury.

Using a sheer white background with a flash behind it, and a flash in front set 2 stops lower I was able to back light the flower and give it that dreamy feeling. Enjoy!