Calgary Peace Bridge


calgary peace bridge_25A0203
Calgary Peace Bridge; Morning Commute

The Calgary Peace Bridge, this image was taken last winter during one of my walks to work, for a series called Morning Commute. Images were posted on my Instagram and Facebook accounts.

I have been reviewing my cache of photos, finally getting around to editing and even printing a few of them. David DuChemin, a wonderful Canadian photographer, has advocated for many years that the best way to learn and grow as a photographer is to print your work. He suggests, we “need to live with the lines and tones and moments. Feel the colours. Doing so reveals the flaws (dust spots on the sensor, anyone?), and the weaknesses.” I so often see the dust spots after the work is printed!

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Morning Commute Series Continues

My morning commute series continues. I have read many times that intentionally photographing a series of the same subject or scene, by forcing yourself to photograph the same thing again and again, you can actually make yourself more creative.

A photo theme simply means creating a set of photographs that are related in some way, whether it be through subject, color or re-occurring pattern. By defining a series, morning commute I was not required to constantly come up with a new subject or idea for each morning; once a theme’s subject had been established, I only needed to find a new creative view.  This allowed me to concentrate on what’s really important…taking an interesting photo.

While I am not always photography the same scene, I have been using my morning walk to work to see, to be awake and aware of my beautiful city. The thirty minutes a day, has defined my series, and to be honest it has provided the motivation to walk despite what seems like a very long very cold winter.

I appreciate hearing from you, as a photographer, artist or writer are you working on a series?  Why not introduce yourself and provide a link to your series.

one year ago today

Calgary Peace Bridge, jmeyersforeman, symmetry, architecture
Calgary Peace Bridge, a study in symmetry

one year ago today I eas talking about my visit to the, then, newly opened Calgary Peace Bridge! This weekend looks like it is going to be another great weekend to wander the pathways of Calgary, maybe we will see you out there.

I hope you have a great weekend.

This images and others like it are available on my website and in my gallery for viewing and purchase.

Calgary Peace Bridge, in black and white

I had a few comments about the bridge yesterday, some suggested the image might look good in black and white, so I thought I would give it a try.  What do you think?  I like the lines and shadows, they become the subject as much as anything. While making changes to the image I also thought I would try out the square format. Yes, the images is square, measured by the computer, my personal measuring tape cannot be trusted! I think because I kept the horizon low, and the lines at the top seem to be expanding as they get closer to the top of the frame the image has the illusion of height.  The fisheye lens used at a low angle has added to the illusion. Let me know what you think, colour vs black and white, regular horizontal format v square format. I don’t think there is a right or wrong, it depends largely on the purpose of the image, and the story being told, but I would like to hear what you think.

Calgary Peace Bridge, a study in symmetry

The new Calgary Peace Bridge has created quite a controversy, people were talking about everything from the bidding (or lack of bidding) on the project, the design, the cost and even the location! It was designed and placed on the Calgary Bow River to accommodate cyclist and pedestrian commuters into downtown Calgary. Symmetrical in design with a glass top it is another wonderful subject for the fish-eye lens! I did take this picture about 10 am on Sunday morning, shot from a low angle with the camera pointing up slightly the people who were on the other end of the bridge quickly disappeared into the horizon!