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We had a great time in Melbourne, getting out to see all the sights. I loved riding the old tram. Free throught the City Center the trams they are a great way to get around to all the different things to see.

I want to thank Leanne Cole, who was kind enough to get up before dawn and take the train into the city. We spent part of the morning waiting for sunrise! While we had a beautiful blue hour, when the Yarrow River was magnificently still, we did not get a colorful sunrise. While I would have loved to see the sky full of pick’s and purple clouds, I am more than happy with the wonderful reflections of the city buildings and bridges in the river. If you are interested in learning more about dramatic range photography, long exposures, head on over to her website and order the Dynamic Range Magazine it is full of great information.








Over the last year I have been posting more to Instagram than to my blog. Working full time has had an impact on the time and energy that I have available for both my photography projects and to my blog, so I have turned to Instagram, and a photo-a-day, almost everyday…..

I still see photographic opportunities everyday, but carrying my DSLR for the 30  minute walk, back and forth to the office was something I wasn’t eager to do. Couple that with the growth and improvement of phone photography, I decided to explore phoneography, so I have been following several phone-photographers, watching their art develop, and exploring the different apps that are available. 

I hope you will follow along for the next couple of month while I share my Instagram photostream, the inspiration behind the photos, and some of my favourite Instagram photographers.

Some days days I will show you my morning or evening walk if the light or weather is inspiring, or I might be inspired by a quote from my art a day calendar! Today’s photo was inspired by FatMumSlim and her #fmsphotoaday. The challenge was to photograph a “flat lay” defined as ….”A flat is basically when you’re shooting items from directly above. Usually those items will be arranged or styled on a flat surface.”

I decided I would “flat lay” my sewing kit, it is like a giant puzzle with endless possibilities and no piece ever in the wrong place!! My sewing kit hasn’t seen this much activity in years, and I think I am going to enjoy the endless possibilities….

Let me know what you would “flat-lay” or where you find inspiration, it would be nice to hear from you.

Delft Potter at work; Jorrit Heinen Royal Gifts in Amsterdam; after-before Friday

Delft Artist at work; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015
Delft Artist at work; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015

While visiting Amsterdam last December we stumbled upon the Jorrit Heinen Royal Gifts and Collectables, located in the Munt Tower.  We had were headed to the floating flower market, when Bill remember the store and we headed in for a look. Many of the pieces on the main floor of the shop appeared to be mass produced, hundreds of Christmas ornaments, cups, plates, and bowls all much the same.  Upstairs  many of the pieces were unique, single pieces each one with a different painting, this lady was hard at work painting a new piece. We watched her work for a while, the painting so delicate and detailed, so methodical and beautiful.

After watching her work for a while I asked if I could take a few photos. I wanted to show both the artist at work and the detail of her painting. Not always easy in the shop like this a busy environment, lots of distractions on her work table. She had a bright work light directed on the bowl, creating a deep shadow on her face. I tried several different angles from in front of her, and slightly above her work before settling on this image that showed her and her work without a lot of the distractions.

I processed the image in lightroom.  Soem quite steps that I always used; lens corrections, auto exposure, and a cross processing preset to bring add a little blue to the image. The cross processing for blue seemed appropriate given the subject!

Here is the origional image;

Deft potter; before; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015
Deft potter; before; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015

For more after-before image and stories head over to Stacy’s After-Before Forum.

Even the horse thinks I am crazy!

Even the horse thinks I am crazy; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015
Even the horse thinks I am crazy; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015  

I wander around with my camera almost all of the time, and sometimes you will find me laying on the ground, climbing into a tree, hanging over a fence railing just to get the picture. I have gotten use to the idea that people will stop and stare I am sure they are trying to figure out what the heck am I taking a picture of. But when I got down really low to take this picture of the horse and carriage and the horse looked at me like I was crazy I knew it would be a great photo. It makes me smile!

How about you any memorable photos with crazy stories, share them on your blog and send us a link.

Jellyfish, Oceanographics Valencia Spain

Jellyfish, Oceanographics, Valencia Spain; copyright jmeyersforema 2015
Jellyfish, Oceanographics, Valencia Spain; copyright jmeyersforema 2015 

I remember spending quite sometime watching the jellyfish swimming in the tank at Oceanographics in Valencia Spain. They were translucent orbs dancing around each other, fascinating to watch!

Another wonderful memory of our time in Spain.

Monochrome Madness

Imperial Sand Dunes, Yuma Arizona at Sunrise; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015
Imperial Sand Dunes, Yuma Arizona at Sunrise; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015 

Tuesday and time for a black and white image. I have been going through my hard drive, trying to sort, catalogue, keyword and combine two Lightroom Catalogues. While it is a time consuming project, it has it’s rewards, I am finding gems among the forgotten, images that I still love, and memories worth revisiting!

This image for example, taken early one morning at the Imperial Sand Dunes near Yuma Arizona. We were last in Yuma Feb of 2014, visiting my parents, seeing the sights and enjoying a little time by the pool. I wouldn’t normally process an sunrise photo to monochrome, as it is the colour of the sunrise that inspires me to click the shutter. Here I was drawn to the shadows and lines in the sand and sun-flare. These details were muted and lost in the colour photo, processing the it to black and white enhanced the long sweeping lines along the dunes.

A year of learning, exploring and seeing new things has given me a new perspective, I will be giving at least some of these old photos a new look as I remember where and why they were taken.

I was too late getting this image processed to submit for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness, but hop on  over to her blog to see what the other photographers have been up to this week.

After-before Friday One Photo Focus

ab friday photo by Lore Dombaj for March 2015
ab friday photo by Lore Dombaj for March 2015

it is the first friday of March, that means it is time for the after-before, one photo focus post. If you have by following the blog for a while you know that on the first Friday of the month a group of photographers take one photo and edit to their liking. It is amazing to see the final image of each participating photographer and how they are all so different. You can check out the Stacy’s blog to see all the submissions.

Over the last few months I have beenfollowing a couple of different blogs, photographers who are using phone cameras to take images and phone apps to process their images, typically referred to a iphonegraphy. Photographers like Kat Sloma over at Kat Eye Studio as well as Bob Weil at Iphoneartist and Emil Pakarklis at Iphonephotography School

I received the email with a link to the group challenge photo while visiting Chicxulub Mexico, there was no internet service at the apartment my parents had rented, so I decided to download the photo to my phone while sitting in a coffee shop. It was the perfect opportunity to try out a few of the apps I had been reading about and experimenting with.  Using the Mextures App I cropped the original image and played around with different textures and layers until I was happy with the results. To be honest I made so many changes back and forth returning to the original and starting over again, and again I could really tell you the exact formula I used for this image. I really do need to keep better notes!!!

Here is a side by side of the after and before images….. Thanks Lore for the image, and the opportunity to use some of my iphone apps for this group post!

Head on over to Stacy’s blog to see just how the other photographers have edited Lore Dombaj’s image, head on over to Lore’s blog to learn a little about the image and how Lore processed the image.

Pilgrimage through Leon Spain to Santiago de Compostela

Pilgrimage through Leon Spain
Pilgrimage through Leon Spain; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015

Bill and I have travelled through Leon Spain a couple of times, first as part of our walk along the Camino to Santiago de Compostella the autumn of 2013 the second visit was the summer of 2014 when we spend about three months visiting the beautiful cities of Spain.

Leon was one city we remembered fondly during the camino, during this visit we only had one day to see the city. During our visit last summer we spent a week wandering the streets, enjoying the festival and seeing the historic sites. It is often difficult when visiting a city to find an image that hasn’t been taken, I want it to have personal meaning, and contect with people.  I think the statue of the pilgrim sitting resting his sore feet in Plaza de San Marcos in front of the Parador “Hostal San Marcos

What is now The Parador had originally been built during the 16 century as the western headquarters for the military Order of Saint James. Built on the site of an old pilgrim’s hospital that had existed to house and help the pilgrims travelling to Santiago de Compostela. So the image of the pilgrim sitting resting his feet and looking at the convent, his resting place for the night reminds me of the first time we were in Leon.


Tulips in Black and White


we have been busy getting our lives organized here in Calgary, I am not sure where the time goes, but my routine for photography, blogging, exercise, and reading seems to have gone right out the door!

I hope you enjoy the tulips, I am hoping to start back into photographing at least one still life a week! I think that should be feasible?!

Drop a line, let me know what you think of the tulips. Share the post with your friends if you like it, and you can find me on instagram if that is where you like to hang out to look at pretty pictures!

Soaking up the Sun

Soaking up the sun
Soaking up the sun 

Just last Wednesday we were soaking up the Sun near Cancun Mexico! Today we are in Calgary and it is snowing! It isn’t that I mind the snow, but I do have to say that I prefer the warm sunny beaches of Cancun to the slushy streets of Calgary.

The lizard sat very still, watching me as I inched closer and closer, I wanted to see how close I could get before he bolted, as he did shortly after this image was taken. I was using the Canon 70-200 lens.  I am pretty happy with the image I did get.