Hummingbird, busy looking for lunch

Here is the little hummingbird one more time.  To learn more about hummingbirds and some of the best places to see them head over to the “Talk about Wildlife” pages.  according to them hummingbirds are in the Calgary area between Mother’s day and Fathers day, gone for a while and returning after the Calgary Stampede until Labour Day.  I guess they like a quieter Calgary!!!!   If you haven’t yet put a feeder out,  you can put one out next week, one might pop by for a visit.   If you are considering putting out a feeder there it would be a good idea to check out the website for helpful hints, and considerations.  I hope you have as much fun as I have had watching them. Let me know if you spot any in your area.


Working Hard for Dinner!

I love to watch the humming birds as the move from flower to flower, working hard for their dinner!  They move so fast that it is sometimes hard just to see them.  I took dozens of shots of this little guy, he was moving so fast in some frames he was gone before the shutter moved, in others he was just a blur.

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