thinking about gardening;

succulents and macro photography; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015

succulents and macro photography; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015 

With all the travelling we did last year I didn’t do any gardening, no regrets, we have to make choices and can’t do it all!

I will admit that I missed digging in the dirt. Spring is in the air and like a lot of Albertans I am itching to see things grow. When out for a walk I stop check for buds on the trees. I have become obsessed with Pintrest gardening and I have been reading books and blogs thinking about what I would plant when it gets a little warmer. I repeated remind myself that it isn’t safe for an Alberta gardener to put anything new into the ground before the May long weekend, as we will get frosty evenings and maybe even snow until then!!!

To keep me going I visit the garden centre and flower stores to breath in the smell of fresh dirt and photograph beautiful new grown.

foothills orchid society, june 24, 2012, Calgary Alberta

I went to the foothills orchid society show at the triwood community center on Sunday with a friend, the flowers were spectacular, the arrangements and groups gorgeous. I managed a few great shots using the canon 100 macro lens, a great lens for this type of work.  Unfortunately I don’t remember the names,  I guess I will have to spend some time on the internet searching them out, for now enjoy the photos.

Photoblog Challenge Subject “Leaf”

I have been participating in the photoblog challenges for quite some time now;  mostly because I have an image on the blog that fits the criteria.  However this week’s creative project was “leaf” with nothing in the data base and fresh parsley growing in the herb garden I decided to take up the challenge to produce something specific for the challenge.

I love having fresh herbs growing in the window, all winter long.  We have had mint and rosemary and oregano for a couple of years now. This is the first year the parsley has done very well, it usually gets spider mites and I have to throw it out!  This year I also grew sage, thyme, and basil.

We like to use the fresh herbs in omelettes, pasta, potatoes, pizza, and just recently we made rosemary dumplings on top of the lamb stew.  Slowly are garden is expanding!

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my flower offering today, a yellow orchid

I remember a time when a orchids were rare in the stores and used  for special occasion corsage. Your boyfriend would buy one for your graduation, or  special members of the wedding party. Now they are everywhere! I bought a simple stem of yellow orchids at the grocery store for a few dollars. Varies types of potted orchids are available at the home handyman stores in varies sizes and prices.   According to the flower is a symbol of love, beauty, strength and luxury.

Using a sheer white background with a flash behind it, and a flash in front set 2 stops lower I was able to back light the flower and give it that dreamy feeling. Enjoy!

Pink Roses

Spring Haiku – dreaming of spring; small pink alberta roses; everywhere….soon

while this photo was taken last year when the roses were blooming, the weather in Calgary has been nice enough to think it won’t be long before the roses will be blooming again.

Shooting Star

I have a small patch of wildflowers in the front yard, and they are blooming, lots of pretty white and blue flowers right now. I am not sure what these flowers are called, I call them “Shooting Stars”  if you know their real name, let me know.  I have always loved these flowers, but they point down and they are about 6 – 8 inches off the ground.  So I was laying on the ground shooting up into the blue sky.  I took advantage of the sunshine in the corner for a little sun flare.  The shooting stars look great from this point of view, and it reminded me that I should try to look at things from a different angle once in a while.