Leaving Sarria for Portamarin, Camino to Santiago De Compostela 

We walked past the Church of Santa Marina, past this wonderful mural and on to Portomarin today,  24k, 6.5 hrs, 36,500 steps. One if our longer days. The Galician countryside is beautiful, most beautiful were the stone bridges.

We have seen considerable more people on the walk. When I checked the statistics last night over 1700 people registered at the Camino office in Santiago de Compostela as having completed their walk on Sunday June 11th; 22% of those started their walk in Sarria, while 14% started in St. Jean Pied de Port. We are 6 days from arriving in Santiago de Compostela, I will let you know how many people arrive with us! 


Day 36, Sarria to Portomarin 22.5 k

we have reached the 100 k marker, Camino de Santiago de , Spain

We are back on the road again, Matt has joined us for the final stage, and we passed the marker that told us we have less than 100 kilometres to walk to get to Santiago de Compostela. Breakfast at the hotel was served at 8 am, so we were a little late getting started for the day, Bill’s ankle/shin is a little sore so he is not marching ahead as he might have been, and as you might know I stop for lots of pictures, so we took a long time to get to Portomarin (the spanish spelling for Portomarin is Puertomarin). It was around 4 pm when we arrived.

The morning was misty or more foggy, no rain, so that was a good thing, we didn’t need our ponchos. The mist hung in the air and clung to the plants and spider webs. Days like this I miss my macro lens and my tripod!

wet spider web

Delicate drew drops hanging on the web.

Just outside of Sarria we crossed the Ponte de Aspera, a small “romantic style” bridge built sometime in the 12 century.

A Ponte da Aspera_Sarria Spain

about 1:30 the clouds broke, the fog lifted and we had sunshine to walk into Portomarin.  It was another great day, on the camino, Santiago de Compostela is almost in sight! I have noticed that some of the town names are spelled differently when I go to look up accommodation or weather conditions, Portomarin = Puertomarin is just one example. This can make internet searches very complicated and or interesting! I am slowly getting this worked out, and it is something I am going to keep in mind when travelling in the future.



Day 35, Rest day in Sarria Spain

Sarria_Oct 11, 2012_under the rain cloud

The rain cloud that we spent yesterday under!

cows near Sarria Spain_standing in the rain

Even the cows didn’t seem all that happy to be out in the rain, they just stared at us as we walked by!

mushrooms beside the Camino Path_Sarria Spain

It has been so wet over the last couple of days the mushrooms were popping out of the ground, and lining the Camino Path.

Today we rested, Matt, Bill’s son arrived in Sarria about 7 am this morning after travelling all day, so it is a good time for us to rest. He will be joining Bill and I for the last stage of the camino. Today as Bill rested his ankle Matt and I took a walk around Sarria.  It is a National Holiday here in Spain, so everything, except the bars and cafes are closed, and the streets are very quiet. We did get to visit the Convent of la Magdalena, founded in the 13th century as a pilgrim hospital. Run now by the Mercedarian Fathers it is open for a few hours each day for visitors.  The building has had many updates, and is a mixture of styles, according to the tourist information brochure that we were given at the tourist information office, the building is Romanesque in style with a Gothic Facade. To be honest I am not sure I would know the difference.

Convent of la Magdalen_cloister walls_Sarria Spain
pink cloister rose_Convent of la Magdalena_Sarria Spain 

We are back on the road tomorrow. Less that 120 kilometres to walk to Santiago.