Beach Day; Tarragona Spain

Beach Day
Beach Day

I have read that Tarragona has 15 kilometres of soft sandy beaches along its coastline, and after a couple of days of wandering the city we thought we would head out to the beach is which is just minutes from the apartment we rented for the week.

Ocean View and watching the clouds roll by.
Ocean View and watching the clouds roll by.

More about the beach later.


Ferry to Rhodes

Erin and Keri on the ferry to Rhodes
Erin and Keri on the ferry to Rhodes

This photo was taken quite some time ago, when the 6 of us travelled to Greece.  I am slowly getting some of my old slides scanned and uploaded into my hard drive, it is a great trip down memory lane.

We had spent a week on the island of Santorini and we travelling to Mykonos, where we spent the day, then onto Rhodes to spend some time.  Taking the ferry through the islands from Mykonos to Rhodes was an overnight journey, we had cabins, but it is not the most restful sleep. By early morning the ferry is stopping at some of the little island along the way, and we could watch the people, and vehicles, cars, trucks and transports moving on and off the ferry.  There was no time for us to get off the ferry and check out the little towns, hopefully one day we will get to go back and spend a little time exploring.

I love the feel of this black and white image, the girls deep in conversation, almost silhouettes against the view.

sillouette in stone 2

Back in June I worked with a young lady to create “figure and form”, and wanted to try the same process with a male figure.

While the lady was a soft shadow, I choose the harder more defined lines for the male subject.  Here you can see some details in his face, and I used a darker grungier rock texture.  So the two images while following the same process look quite different.  Let me know what you think.

Figure and form; an experiment with light, shape and texture

I have been experimenting with figure and form, shape and light; here my lady is standing in front of a sheet of thin white paper, with the light behind her. during processing I added a textured rock layer.

Where ever I go I will shoot small detail pictures of stone walls, bricks, stucco, anything that could be an interesting texured layer and can be added to photos.

I am interested in your thoughts on my experiment, your comments would be appreciated.

this and other photos are available at jmeyersforeman photography.

Submitted for the UE’s Weekend photochallenge “brick”  Not sure how it will be interpreted, or accepted as brick work, what do you think?

Bill at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Bill at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC

This is one of my favourite images of our visit to the Museum of Modern Art, in NYC. Bill is looking out at the sculpture garden, watching someone take a picture of their friend who is standing beside the piece of sculpture! I don’t think he was intentionally photo booming their picture, he didn’t stand there very long, and with the tinted windows they might not have been able to see him. His silhouette is the first body, and he is looking to the guy beside the sculpture who is looking towards the photographer, a natural leading line.  The image is much more effective in black and white.  Unfortunately it will be a while before we get back to New York City, but at least I have all of my pictures to look at.

this an more our my black and white photography is available at jmeyersforeman photography 


 One of my all time favourite silhouette pictures.  While we were travelling in Greece, we spent part of a day wandering around Epidaurus.  The acoustics and sound in the amphitheater is amazing.  If you look closely there is a lady standing in the centre of the circle, near centre frame.  She is telling a story, one of the great Greek myths, she is only using her normal speaking voice and we could hear her perfectly, as if she was sitting at our dinner table talking to us!