Viana to Navarrete; Camino to Santiago de Compostela 

The church bell rang as we left Viana; it was 7:45 am. 23 k, approximately 35,000 steps and 6 hours we arrived in Navarrete. 

Today was another pleasant walk. Beautiful mural painted on the walls, on sign noted 661 kms to Santiago, arriving on Navarrete another sign said 575 kms. The miles are slowly being walked. 


Riding the FEVE Train in Spain

a small town along the North Atlantic Coast of Spain  copyright jmeyersforeman
a small town along the North Atlantic Coast of Spain copyright jmeyersforeman

We have been riding the narrow gauge FEVE train, that follows along the north coast of Spain, through many small town.  It seems the skies are either a bright cloudless blue or, as in this photo, a foggy grey. While the foggy grey skies gives us shadowless images with saturated colour along the streets and rivers, the skies do unfortunately look a little lifeless. They are poorly represented in the photos, as it is wonderful to watch the misty fog roll along the ocean and countryside.

Much has been written of this wonderful journey along the narrow gauge line; it is more often used by teachers and student going on a field trip, commuters going to work or those out for a little shopping, then travellers trying to get somewhere. It is easy to figure out the ticket machines and time schedule, if you have trouble it seems there is always someone about to help, and the view is most certainly one you will not see anywhere else. If you have a week for leisurely travel then I would recommend this trip as a great way to relax and enjoy Spain.