Another cold week in Calgary; my morning commute


It has been another extremely cold week here in Calgary, and I will admit to driving further than walking during my morning commute! My fitbit tells me I averaged about 8000 steps a day, and a lot of those steps were in the +15 walkway rather than out in the cold!  Winter seems to be colder and longer this year. When the weather is decent my average step count is closer to 12,000 steps. But I hear the weather is going to improve.

This clip from Rick Mercer on the seven day forecast explains Canadian’s love hate relationship with the weatherman. Enjoy Spring is just around the corner…..


Spring in Calgary

Spring in Calgary, more snow in the forecast; jmeyersforeman 2015
Spring in Calgary, more snow in the forecast; jmeyersforeman 2015  

Spring in Calgary! the only thing predictable about the weather here is that it is unpredictable! We do know that there is a good chance there will be more snow between now and the May long weekend…..


snowflakes_IMG_4490 snowflake_IMG_4562

I had a little time yesterday, and the sun was shining! Snowflakes were falling and landing on the tree in the front yard. I am not sure where these little flakes were coming from, as there was not a cloud in the sky. They were flat and feathery, and they sparkled in the sunlight. I couldn’t resist, getting the camera and the stepladder I headed for the front yard to see if I could get one decent image. I was lucky there were a few, but with the wind, many more were blurry, but I am happy with the results.

I am looking forward to better weather over the next few days, even if there are no more beautiful new snowflakes to photography.



Winter Storm Warning for Calgary; Dreaming of someplace warm..

Caribbean Sunrise
Caribbean Sunrise 

The weather man is warning Calgary of sever winter weather ahead, and I am dreaming of some of the warmer places we could be.  Sunrise is one of the lovely quite times on the cruise ship. The sunrise isn’t always this colourful, and they are often over quickly.

Maybe I will brave the weather and see what photos I can get of Calgary today…..



Forest and Trees; motion and long exposure

seeing the trees amoung the forest
seeing the trees amoung the forest 

Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness.
~Kahlil Gibran

I have been spending a lot of time doing both family and business portraits over the last year, and enjoyed every minute. Luckily I have also had time to spend getting out of the studio/home and thinking about landscapes. I love the trees as they blow in the wind, the tall pine trees had been covered by the wet snow, long white streaks against a dark background.

I have been exploring and experimenting with long exposures, motion and blur, and love the feeling of the image, white streaks representative of the growth, reaching for the sky, enhanced by the snow stuck to the side of the tree.  Freeman Patterson has always been one of my favourite photographers, and this photo is reminiscent (at least for me) of his work.


Cochrane Ranch and the foothills Southern Alberta.

cochrane ranch and the foothills of southern alberta
Cochrane Ranch and the foothills of Southern Alberta

Overlooking the foothills and snowy mountains of Southern Alberta.

One of my favourite views is from Cochrane Ranch.  From here we can really appreciate the big blue sky, and the diversity of the Alberta landscape.

Prints are available for purchase at Society6

Tuxedo Park – Explore Calgary Project

Tuxedo Park Calgary
Tuxedo Park Calgary

One of my goals for 2013 is to get to know my city just a little bit better. There are parks I have not been to, streets I have not walked and shops I haven’t visited. I am, I think, like a lot of people, busy when I am at home and working, family and friends, and all the activities that keep us busy.  I don’t get to see or experience all that this wonderful city has to offer.

Following Julia Cameron’s advise I am going have an artist’s date and make a point of visiting the corners of Calgary, inspired by our walk on the camino I am going to walk through the different parks, amble down the streets to see the public art, and visit as many locally run coffee and tea shops as I can find over the next year.

This week I walked around Tuxedo Park, a small quiet spot just off Center St. North. It didn’t take long to walk around the park. The benches  have a been placed  near the trees, separating those that sit there from the busy street on the west side of the park. Given its central location I think it would be ideal for portraits,  a great place to meet a friend for quiet cup of coffee on a busy day.

Roadtrip day 3, kelowna to Vancouver


This is the weather at the beginning of our day and our drive! Lucky for us things improved.