Getting ready for Christmas

Christmas is 3 weeks away, and there are lots of things on the “to do list”  my little Santa isn’t much help but he does provide some inspiration!  Time to turn on the Christmas Carols and back some cookies.


happy friday to everyone!

It’s friday, last night was a late night, Steven Galloway a Canadian writer and teacher kept me awake, reading “The Cellist of Sarajevo“.  I have been told that the book was inspired by a true story, it is more about the three people struggling to survive than it is about the war. If I had time today I would curl up in a corner, avoid the freezing temperatures outside and read by the fireplace. Maybe tomorrow!

Coffee and almond croissant, the perfect breakfast…….

okay this might not be the perfect breakfast in a nutritional sense, but there are mornings that it is essential……….somedays it is the reason to get out of bed and go on with the day.

wordpress photo challenge – breakfast.