Jazz In Dubrovnik

Bill and I went out for breakfast, well bruch actually.  The Stadun or main street in the old town of Dubrovnik is lined with cafes, we choose a table new are St Blaise’s Church.  These guys were playing Jazz for the crowd, a great way to start the day. They were selling cd’s but unfortunately I didn’t pick one up or get the name of the band!  I thought they would be there for a while, left to see Rector’s Place, and when we came back to the street they were gone.  Maybe they will be back tomorrow.

oct 7, 2011 – I have since been in touch with the double base player, the group is called the Dubrovnik Jazz Trio you can hear their music at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ5KxFLIWNM, give them a listen!