Leaving Sarria for Portamarin, Camino to Santiago De Compostela 

We walked past the Church of Santa Marina, past this wonderful mural and on to Portomarin today,  24k, 6.5 hrs, 36,500 steps. One if our longer days. The Galician countryside is beautiful, most beautiful were the stone bridges.

We have seen considerable more people on the walk. When I checked the statistics last night over 1700 people registered at the Camino office in Santiago de Compostela as having completed their walk on Sunday June 11th; 22% of those started their walk in Sarria, while 14% started in St. Jean Pied de Port. We are 6 days from arriving in Santiago de Compostela, I will let you know how many people arrive with us! 


carribean graffiti or carribean art

I love to wander the streets be it in my home town or the places I visit.  I love to see the way people express themselves on the street.  Public art, or graffiti…..

Street Art, Spring Blossoms

The beautiful street art reminds me that, hopefully spring is just around the corner.  While it could be almost another month before we see the trees blooming I am looking forward to the spring bulbs like crocus, tulips and daffodiffs.

Haiku, Flowers of spring

by ~Amagai-Shuusuke
The flowers of spring, Bloom upon the silent hill, Where our love was born.