Beauty and the Butterfly

beautiy and the butterfly
beauty and the butterfly 

Working in Photoshop with layers and textures has always been fascinating to me. Starting with a simple portrait and layering graphics, textures and words creates a one of a kind portrait; an art piece for people. I am looking for people in the Calgary area who are interesting in collaborating on this very personal project.

Learning from people like Kate Klassen who has textures and tutorials, and who creates lovely vignettes of everyday life



Happy Friday; beautiful pink tulips to start the weekend off with.

spring pink tulips
spring pink tulips
“The only way to find the limits of the possible is by going beyond them to the impossible.”
-Arthur C. Clark
Arthur C. Clark wanted to inspire us; don’t set goals for what you think you can achieve, set goals for the impossible, dream big.
I picked up the quote on the Truly Twisted Marketing blog. I just recently started reading recently.
We are kicking off the weekend, and we will have two days to do what we want to do, what blissfully wonderful things are you going to be doing? Not sure, take a few moments, gaze at the beautiful pink tulips and dream.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Eyelash Extension Technician at work; Environmental Portrait

Eyelash extension technician at work
Eyelash extension technician at work

Getting eyelash extension is the fashion rage right now. It seems every girl I see these days is following the trend and sporting beautiful long, thick eyelashes. Individual eyelash extension are glued to your individual eyelashes and the process can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours. and they last 2 to 3 weeks before you need a touch up.  A touch up is when the technician fills in the areas of missing eyelashes.

I loved working on this Environmental Portrait, trying to create an image that shows the work that is being done.  The technician was working in a dark room, with a bright light shinning on her hands and the work area, as you can see she is wearing a small magnifying glass type glasses to see what where she is to place the next lash.  It was really interesting to see the process.

Environment Portraits are interesting way to learn about different job that people do.

Eye Lashes; Yummy Mummy Esthetics

Yummy Mummy Eye Lash Extensions
Yummy Mummy Eye Lash Extensions

Eye lashes are all the rage right now! or should I say Eye Lash Extensions! One of my clients, Yummy Mummy Esthetics, has been doing eye lash extension for a while now. They wanted some examples of their work for their Facebook page, this image is one of my favourites.

Eagle Feather

Eagle Feather
Eagle Feather

Quite some time ago now I was out walking when I found this lovely eagle feather, I knew immediately that I wanted to create this image. I could picture it in my mind.  Time passed, travels, and other projects became a priority and this lovely feather sat in a basket on the coffee table for many months. Last week I finally took time, made it a  priority and photographed the lovely and delicate feather. Then using Kim Klassen’s texture Phoebe as an overlay I was able to achieve the image I had in my mind the day I picked up the feather.

I don’t use textures a lot in my work, but it is a tool I have explored and worked with on occasion.  Kim Klassen Cafe has workshop, tutorials and above all wonderful textures to work with. Head on over to her site for some inspiration!

I am not sure that I am entirely done with this image, as it is staying with me. It might need some text, or a haiku, I will have to sit with it a while to decide. Let me know what you think