Week 14 Mar 31, 2020, Photography Light and Texture

flowers and shadows

I have had plenty of time at home to play with the light and shadows, these shadows have been provided by Kim Klassen and added to the flowers as a layer in photoshop. I have followed Kim for quite some time now, she has re-opened Texture Tuesday. It seems like a perfect time to take some photos, old and new to experiment with adding textures to create new digital art. It is a great relief from watching the news.

portugal fishing harbour

I photographed a few old slides, this one dates back to 2001! Adding textures helped to create more dramatic colours and texture. I love that it looks more like a painting than a photograph.


If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this image. This beautiful little girl is now a beautiful mom with two little ones of her own. To create the digital image I photographed an old black and white image, then added one of Kim’s light textures to enhance the sun light coming through the window adding to the soft dreamy nature of the images.

Another image using light and texture from Kim’s collection, this one I wanted to as some text, experiment with adding a type layer to the image.

While we can’t physically stay close, I hope you can connect online, and help someone else feel they are your Sunshine.

So many great ways to capture the light, and use it in both old and new photos for Texture Tuesday! Kim is opening a new online program to explore light, texture, and text, and I am looking forward to all of this while as we stay close to home. I especially love this quote, “instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create” Roy T. Bennett.

I will leave you with one final image, an dried tulip, with light streaming through the curtain, it would seem that with there is beauty everywhere if we go looking for it.

take care, stay well, I would love to hear from you.

Week 4 – January 2020 Photography

Early Morning Osoyoos British Columbia
Osoyoos British Columbia Canad, lights across the lake

Two different views of Osoyoos reflected in Osoyoos Lake, it has been a quiet week visiting my parents. Osoyoos has become or is quickly becoming the snowbird capital of Canada. For those seniors who wish to escape the harsh winter conditions in their home town, Osoyoos has the shortest and warmest winter conditions of almost anywhere in Canada. It also has a community of seniors that is active and welcoming.

The 52 frames challenge this week was titled “Fill the Frame”

Winter Daisy

While out for our walk I spotted a large clump of daisies, one of my favorite flowers, and given how many flowers were on still on the stock, brown and withered I am going to guess that Osoyoos was hit with a sudden heavy frost early in the winter season. This was a bonus for me, using a technique called free-lensing to photograph the flowers to fill the frame. Free-lensing requires that I use my 50mm lens off-camera, turned backward, it magnifies the subject similar to a macro lens, for Lensbaby. The depth of field is very small, resulting in a very soft image, for some subjects this works very well. I did add a layer of texture in post-processing, adding depth to the dreamy nature of the image.

Below an image of licorice candy using the same free-lensing technique, and my second choice for the challenge. Which would have been your choice?

free-lensing – licorice candy still life

Just a quick reminder, if you are in the Calgary area, I hope you will drop by our Exposure 2020 event, we would love to see you there

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