after-before Friday; Cherry Blossoms

spring in Ronda Spain, final edit; copyright jmeyersforman 2015

It is Friday and time for another After-Before image. This photo taken in Ronda Spain during our visit in January 2015. It will be another 6 weeks or so before we see the Cherry blossoms here in Calgary! On the plus side I will be able to see and photograph them again this year. For this post I wanted to describe a little of the editing choices I made, you can see below the image I started with….

cherry blossoms_stage 1_4686-2
Spring in Ronda, original capture

After importing the image into Lightroom, I started my adjustments in the Basic Module, starting with auto tone, to see where the program would take the image. I modified tint to +13 bringing out the pink in the image. I then opened the image below in Photoshop.

cherry blossoms_stage 1_4686
initial image opened in Photoshop 

I then added a textured layer that enhances the pink, warms the image slightly, and unifies the pink through image and the mottled background. Below is the textured layer that I used for this image, before adding to the layered texture to my cherry blossom image I modified it by increasing exposure +70, and decreasing clarity -6. I also increased saturation on the magenta and the red +6,  softening the colours and texture slightly and bringing out the pinks. I almost always modify the textures as needed for each image, to bring out the qualities I most want to enhance.

FireplaceHazy texture

The blend mode on the textured layer was set to soft light, at 70%, and the final result above gives us that bright spring day look.

For more after before image head on over to Stacy Fischer’s blog, she host a forum on Fridays, and photographers from all over the world participate. Sharing their work and their image process secrets. There is lots of inspiring photography and lots to be learned. I am looking forward to hearing from you, does the textured layer add to the image or detract?

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I’ve painted the Eiffel Tower!

I've painted the Eiffel Tower; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014
I’ve painted the Eiffel Tower; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014 

If you have visited the Eiffel Tower you know that the lights on it are incandescent yellow with the occasional display of white twinkle lights that sparkle. Thousands of tourist gather around the base, and along the streets and river to watch and take photos. The Eiffel tower is iconic architecture at it’s best.

I wanted to try something a little different, and provide you with something you haven’t seen before! Using Photoshop I applied a silver-grey grunge texture, with the blend mode set to Hue and 100% opacity these beautiful blue, green, and purple spots appear over the Eiffel tower as if it has been painted.

I think we should petition the French government to have it painted in neon glow in the dark colours so it looks like this! What do you think, do you like my painted Eiffel Tower?

Coffee Shop Window

Coffee Shop Window; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014
Coffee Shop Window; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014

“Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”

Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne, 1945

Well it hasn’t snowed here yet, it has been cold and grey outside. Lucky for us we have found several beautiful coffee shops. We can enjoy the view out the window, while we sip a warm cup of coffee. Another lovely day snow or no snow.

I added a pink texture layer to this image, something that would bring out the pink in the flowers and give it a slight more rustic feel, do you like it? I am still trying to figure out if it is too much!

Salamanca; Just before Sunrise

Salamanca; Just before Sunrise
Salamanca; Just before Sunrise

I love sunrise, it is a quiet beautiful time of day. I will admit that in my youth I was more apt to witness the sunrise as a close to a beautiful evening! But now, a little older, I awake to see the sunrise, and it is the beginning of a new day. Today, we headed out to photograph the Roman Bridge, and Salamanca Cathedral, but there was not much of a sunrise, it was cloudy and dark, the streets were wet with rain.  This was the best shot of the morning, I decided to give it a textured, painted quality and processed it using one of Kim Klassen’s beautiful textures.  Continue reading “Salamanca; Just before Sunrise”

For the love of Peacocks; Careres Spain

Peacock showing off
Peacock showing off

We have arrived in Caceres Spain, late one afternoon and we walked around the narrow cobblestone streets of the old town. When we spotted the lovely Peacock calling out, and showing off his lovely plumage as he sat high on one of the roof tops, just out of reach and unbothered by the growing crowd below. It is heard not to stop and watch such a beautiful creature, it is a little like watching a mime in the square, except there was no hat to throw money into….

Peacock, calling to the crowd
Peacock, calling to the crowd

Over the years I have occasionally experimented with adding a texture layer to some of my images, and decided to add a one to these images to give a painted quality to this set of images. The texture and inspiration come from Kim Klassen’s collection, and is called Waterfront7-Magic eDiition. Kim  has provided great inspirational ideas, and technique over the years. This week’s blog post is “for the love of…”  I will join the growing list of admirers and add my post to her page, check out her work, as well as the many others who use textures as part of their image processing.

these and other images are available from my gallery 

Erin, due any day; Maternity photography.

Erin, Maternity photography
Erin, due any day, Calgary Maternity Photography 

I have known Erin since she was a little girl,  of about 3 years old, it has been a joy to watch her grow into a wonderful young lady, and now expected mom. I was tickled when she asked me to do maternity photos.  Belly shots she called them, we had a great morning trying out different backgrounds, tops, toys, blocks, ribbons, etc.

This image is one of my favorites. Layered with a texture in photoshop that blends well with the dress, Erin’s gaze cast down at the blocks.  I used Nik Silver Effects Pro to convert to a black and white image.  Erin loves the result, and we are already talking about newborn baby photos.  And I am looking forward to meeting the new baby.

Figure, form and textures

figure, form and texture
figure, form and texture 

I have had this project,  figure, form and texture on hold a very long time, working on it in bits and pieces, between claims and photography assignments! yesterday I stopped everything for a couple of hours and worked on this, part of a personal project.  I will show you more over the next few weeks. The figure and form project has been percolating away on the back burner for quite sometime, probably a year now. With only the occasional opportunity to move forward.  I think sometimes projects need that kind of time, and sometimes I wish they would move faster!

I need two things to make this project work, people, or more specifically ladies, if you are in the Calgary area and what to collaborate on the project send me an email. Secondly, I would like some feedback!


Imperial Sand Dunes, Arizona and California

Imperial Sand Dunes Arizona
Imperial Sand Dunes Arizona & California

Morning as probably my most favourite part of the day. During sunrise the world is usually quiet, this is a beginning of a new day and new possibilities

The Imperial Sand Dunes are a recreational area for lovers of dune buggies, and all terrain vehicles, and most of them have not yet started their day or their buggies at sunrise.

The shapes and textures of the dunes is much more visible in the early morning light than any other time of the day.

1 + 1 = 3; Maternity Photos

Amrita and Brett; soon to be new parents
Amrita and Brett; soon to be new parents

Any day now, well to be honest, any day some time in the next couple of weeks! We, your family and friends are waiting patiently for the arrival of the new baby.  My first attempt into maternity photos was a lot of fun, due in large part to the patience of my wonderful friends!  I added a little texture to the image, creating a border and depth to the image.

Can’t wait to get the call, when they arrive home with the new baby!

If you know anyone who lives in the Calgary area and would like to work with me to develop this are of my portfolio have them send me a message!   Happy Friday to everyone!


Eagle Feather

Eagle Feather
Eagle Feather

Quite some time ago now I was out walking when I found this lovely eagle feather, I knew immediately that I wanted to create this image. I could picture it in my mind.  Time passed, travels, and other projects became a priority and this lovely feather sat in a basket on the coffee table for many months. Last week I finally took time, made it a  priority and photographed the lovely and delicate feather. Then using Kim Klassen’s texture Phoebe as an overlay I was able to achieve the image I had in my mind the day I picked up the feather.

I don’t use textures a lot in my work, but it is a tool I have explored and worked with on occasion.  Kim Klassen Cafe has workshop, tutorials and above all wonderful textures to work with. Head on over to her site for some inspiration!

I am not sure that I am entirely done with this image, as it is staying with me. It might need some text, or a haiku, I will have to sit with it a while to decide. Let me know what you think