Instagram this week; Feb 6 to 10 2017

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I have continued walking to work, photograph Calgary and the sights as I see them. It really does make the walk to work much more enjoyable to walk with a camera. When I walk with a camera I am much more aware of the view and the beauty around me. I would love to hear from you, are you enjoying the morning commute series, do you have a favourite spots to view Calgary from?

I have started to include some views of Calgary from the +15 walkways it has been so cold I have utilized the interior walkways to get to work! If you are not familiar with Calgary, a lot of the downtown buildings are connected to each other through a system of walkways 15 feet above ground, which means I can walk around downtown without going outside! Every new building built in the area must connect to the other around it. I read recently there are currently 59 bridges totalling 16 kilometres, each new building downtown will add to that! I love the mix of lights from the interior and exterior, with the reflections in the windows, and I am enjoying the street view from above, so don’t bee too surprised to see more of Calgary from inside looking out!

I hope you have had a good week, what do you do to keep the morning commute, if you have one, from being a repetitive journey that is easily forgotten?



Frosty Garden Globe

frosty glass garden globe
frosty morning

we have glass globes hanging on the back deck, the view down the street is upside down, it is quite interesting to watch the season change through the glass. This weekend I noticed frost on the glass globe one of the prettiest views through the glass I have noticed in a long time.  I grabbed my macro lens to capture a few images.

I hope you are staying warm.

For more creative views and still life images: Life

Castrojeriz Spain to Itero de la Vega Spain of the Camino de Santiago journey

from the foot of Alto de Mostelares Spain, at least we know what is ahead for us!  
now we go down! Alto de Mostelares, Spain 


Today was a short walk for these two peregrine’s,  only 11 k. It was 10 degrees C most of our walk, and the wind was howling in our faces, the entire 11 k.  Shortly after leaving Castrojeriz we had a 1050 meter stretch with a 12% grade, followed quickly by a 350 meter 18% grade descent. The local municipality provided signs going up and down the hill so we were well aware of the work head of us! This isn’t the toughest day we have had, but certainly one of the coldest, and I am thinking that this might be the trend to come, given the time of the year! We might have to buy some mittens or gloves, but other than that I think we have the right gear to get by, only time will tell!

For now some views from the top of Alto de Mostelares.

The view was spectacular, and we might have stayed longer to enjoy it but for the wind! I have figured out that if there are windmills on the horizon, there will be wind in the future! It seems Spain has a lot of windmills on the meseta.

Views from the top of Alto de Mostelares Spain, Camino de Santiago 
Views from Alto de Monstelares, Camino de Santiago, Spain