Another cold week in Calgary; my morning commute


It has been another extremely cold week here in Calgary, and I will admit to driving further than walking during my morning commute! My fitbit tells me I averaged about 8000 steps a day, and a lot of those steps were in the +15 walkway rather than out in the cold!  Winter seems to be colder and longer this year. When the weather is decent my average step count is closer to 12,000 steps. But I hear the weather is going to improve.

This clip from Rick Mercer on the seven day forecast explains Canadian’s love hate relationship with the weatherman. Enjoy Spring is just around the corner…..


Chalie Chaplin in the store window

Charlie Chaplin; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015
Charlie Chaplin; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015 

I love looking at the store windows, some of the designers are so creative. There are often an interesting juxtaposition between the products shown and the street scene reflected in the window, and there are times during the day when you can hardly tell where the street ends and the display starts.  Reflections are a great way to present a different perspective of the street.

Charlie Chaplin communicated expertly while using the minimum of movement and expression and he is the face I remember when we think of silent movies. Instantly recognized as he sits in the window I know exactly how he is feeling as he sits here on the curb, it is easy to forget that I was looking at him through a window.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted”  Charlie Chaplin 

I hope your making the most of your day, and it is filled with laughter and joy.

Salamanca Spain, Plaza Mayor; In and Out of the Shops

In and Outside: Plaza Mayor, Salamanca Spain
In and Outside: Plaza Mayor, Salamanca Spain

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca Spain, a hub of activity in the centre of town. We arrived in Salamanca just prior to Holy Week, along with a lot of other tourists and travellers. The squares, markets and streets are busy. The shop windows are lined with goods for sale and reflect the patio umbrellas, tables and people visiting the square. While each of the images are “busy” and may even look chaotic to some, they represent the activity in Plaza Mayor and the city of Salamanca these days.

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a view from the airplane window

de-icing the plane
de-icing the plane
a view from the airplane window
a view from the airplane window
a view from the airplane window
a view from the airplane window
flying over the Canadian Winter Wonderland
Canada’s winter wonderland, a view from the airplane window

a few images taken during our flight from Calgary. the window did have some frost on it, so the images are not as crisp and clear as I would have liked. The other thing that happened, with all the flights I have been on, I think this is the first one that was de-iced just before we left, I love the spray of the water, and the out of focus equipment.

I love flying, and for me the best part of the flight is that moment of take off, the nose lifts, and you can feel the wheels leave the ground. The adventure begins…..

What is your favourite part of the flight.

Ellis Island

The Ellis Island Museum  tells the story of 12 million immigrants that entered the United States between 1892 AND 1924. According to the website over 40 percent of Americans can trace their lineage through the Ellis Island Immigration Station. The  second floor are these beautiful windows – the light streams in an warms the room.  Looking out the window we can see the Statue of Liberty.

Window Display, Creative Vision or Creative View?

I am often surprised and amazed at the creativity of other people, and this windown is a great example of both the creativity and inspiring ways we decorate our world and bring a little personality to the world.

I spotted this creative window while walking in Ireland, a couple of years ago, I regret not noting which seaside town we were in. I did note that this was not a store front, but a private home, and someone had taken the time to color and decorate his home and our world!  Beauty and creativity is everywhere, I enjoy finding it and celebrating it!


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