Master Craftsman, Waterford Crystal; an Environmental Portrait and my goals for 2013

Master Craftsman, Waterford Crystal, Environmental Portraits
Master Craftsman, Waterford Crystal, Environmental Portraits

Each year begins with new dreams and new goals, this year is no exception. But before I set new goals I spend a little time reflecting on the past year. What dreams and goals did I have; did I achieve them; what process, tools or resources did I use and were they effective, and most important what did I learn that I can take forward into this year to help make it successful.

The photo above is one of my favorite environmental portraits. As a Master Craftsman at the Waterford Crystal Factory, this man work takes years to achieve this level of skill and success.  He keeps his tools sharp and close at hand and despite the clutter picture the tools are well-organized. The designs for each piece carefully thought out and drawn up ahead of execution. This master craftsman and the work he does is a good example of how planning, understanding your tools, and learning to uses your tools effectively are important to the success of each project he undertakes.

Photographing someone at work; learning about their craft, and their passion, their skills, and watching them work is a rewarding part of what I do.  One of my goals for 2013 is to do more Environmental Portraits.


Big Skies of Alberta, Big Clouds

Big Clouds_Big Sky, Southern Alberta
Big Clouds in the Big Sky of Southern Alberta

Not too long ago I was out in the Linden area working, standing on the roof of a two-story house when I looked up and out across the prairies, what a beautiful day.

As much as I love to travel and see new places, I never tire of this view of the prairies. The big white puffy clouds going on seemingly forever. The rows of trees separating the varies fields and pasture land. It is September now, the mornings are colder, the farmers have started to harvest the crops, the days are getting shorter, and the light is changing.

This view is different today that it was just a month ago, and a month from now will look different yet again, maybe that is why I never tire of the view. I hope your view is one that inspires you.