happy friday to all, I hope you have a great long weekend.

I am looking forward to sunshine…..



I Like this quote I dislike this quoteEverything starts as somebody’s daydream.”          Larry Niven quotes
                                        I was out Monday afternoon – the sun was shining and the wild flowers were blooming, I couldn’t resist taking more photos, I know, I know I have lots of flower photos, I just couldn’t resist.  Then it rained and I had pretty bright yellow flowers to work with, yeah!!! I know that in the winter when it is cold and miserable I can dig out these different flower images and do some daydreaming about warmer days or warmer locations…………….I used a texture from Kim Klassen’s collection – the texture it was originally brown.  I have found that I can completely change the color using the hue and saturation.  Others may have known this, but for me it was new, and  it makes each texture much more versatile. The website has lots of interesting ideas and tutorials for getting started if you want to learn more about using textures on your images.